The Undeniable Romance of a Champagne Balloon Flight

Long considered the most integral part of hot air flights, the champagne toast allowed for the creation of the modern-day champagne flight. From its beginnings as the traditional way to pay respect and show appreciation to landowners, champagne toasts have continued throughout the years as an important tradition in the world of hot air ballooning. As the popularity of ballooning grew, it became more common for to be scheduled as romantic getaways.

From first dates to marriage proposals, hot air provides an unquestionable feeling of romance. In the quiet seclusion of early morning flights, a couple might find the perfect way to start a romantic day together. As the hot air balloon rises into the clouds, the beauty of the land below can be admired while in the comfort of one another’s arms. With the gentle floating of the balloon as the journey continues, the couple aboard can reflect on the stunning scenery all around them. There’s nothing quite like the gentle currents of the early morning sky to set the tone for an exquisite and amorous adventure.

Evening flights offer much the same in the way of romance and beauty. The perfect way to end the day, or an awesome way to spend a date together, dusk champagne balloon flights are equally stunning. With the dimming light of the evening sky and the quiet of the land below, the romantic setting all around is undeniable. As the landscape unfolds in the soft night sky, the couple is awe-struck by it beauty. No matter how you choose to schedule your romantic hot air, it is certain to impress.

At the conclusion of the champagne, as the basket touches down, passengers are often overcome by the emotion of their journey. The perfect way to draw to a close such an awesome experience is with the traditional champagne toast. As the cork is popped, and the champagne poured, toasting the balloonists’ toast ensues. As the couple reflects on their journey together high in the sky, they sip champagne. There’s no better way to conclude such an event with one another. Now becomes the feat of trying to top such a romantic experience. As the popularity of balloon flights continue to grow, it’s clear that champagne balloon flights will continue to be the most popular of all flights.