Marketing Fundamentals

a�?Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but the stories you tell.a�?

Marketing is the process by which the companies created customera��s value and built the healthy relationship with customers to sail to get the profit and minimize the risk of loss. It is that process in which the dealings are actually to satisfy the customera��s need, their offerings, the value of individuala��s satisfaction and demands about the products like food items, costumes, blogging, and affection, etc. It creates a relationship between seller and buyer.

With all these above qualities the strategy of marketing is also necessary the 4P be i.e., product, price, promotion, and place. Because most of the businessmen use these four terms to sell their material by advertising the ads. Planners and dealers of products of a brand in an environment categorized the principal analysis of their competitions with the other name to build up their strengths and give the opportunity to their customers to gain the trust. If the product is supplied by the companies in the microenvironment first, they relate their products to their competitors then advertise their products in the form of banners and ads then they sell their products to the customers and become dominant over the other ones. However, in the macro environment, it contains the demographic study of the human population that is age, gender, occupation and family structure, etc. It encircles different aspects of social media, different sort of tutorials, starts blogging, grips on the research work, makes affiliate programs, email marketing, etc. Now have a look at tips to be a good seller by your own as modifying your strategy on a particular article and make activities on the segment. Then write down the daily basis goals for an item like some convincing words for the buyer for the publicity of your product as well. Relate your time which you have to consume for advertisement, and after defining your plan you should have looked upon it then read the different blogs and with the passage of time add these related blogs to your current status. The consumer buyer behavior is also the main effect on which many different factors influencing that are cultural, social, personal and physiological because they all need recognition and purchase decision. When the new idea is to generate in mind first screen the design and develop the concept that using the strategy of marketing analyses the product and build the product to the market. When the new product of any brand expanded from their firms, it first refers to the sample means the original product and its modified form. After advertising build, the functional relationship in public with the company is press agency, product publicity, and development. Dominant public relations are news, internet, speeches, social networking, etc. The power of these public affairs is to help the audience and customer dramatically. To start any business for marketing, it is necessary to invest in the products sometimes no any profit gain but work for the best. Sometimes it is better to have an experience, and it may overcome the loss as well.

Additionally, marketing is the business of attracting and keeping the customers, and whenever we think about marketing automatically, we came up with a strategy to think about advertisements and public relations.A� Here are some ideas that may advertise and promote the Startup:

  1. Live streaming ~ First of all brainstorm ideas for the content of brand, then announce the stream before time so many people can join it and also add a small introduction and brief description of the flow. Let people know about your brand, host Question Answer session to enhance their engagement and broadcast event.
  2. Blogging ~ it helps share the relevant information and it does consider to be a direct way to communicate with an audience. It also builds the trust and very effective strategy for marketing.
  3. SWOT Analysis

i??A�A�A� Strengths

i??A�A�A� Weaknesses

i??A�A�A� Opportunities

i??A�A�A� Threat

  1. Marketing Strategies
    • Target Markets (Clearly defines the target market towards which they make marketing efforts)
    • Marketing Mix (Provides information about the elements, their distribution, promotion)
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To conclude, Marketing is the backbone of the business, and good marketing makes the company strong and takes it to heights of glory. While if the content is not right, you are not able to attract the people and in this way, your business may declines as it is a contest for the contest for peoplea��s attention. You can take up some digital marketing courses that will push your knowledge on marketing further.

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