A Pivot table is a tool in Microsoft Excel that help users in consolidating large quantity of data to a simplified table. This boost user’s efficiency in handling the data. Not only this, pivot table function also allows users to drag and drop values in order to identify and separate specific values from the entire data to draw your conclusion from it. Aside to this, there are many other benefits to Pivot Tables, especially how you can manage your data in an agile way. Here are a few benefits of Pivot table:

Easy to Use
The function is user friendly where it doesn’t require an individual to brainstorm much on how the tool work. Summarizing data appears to be easy to everyone with the help of Pivot table. Just one click away from getting the data you’re looking for, with just a drag of a value to an column.

Aid in Finding Data Patterns
Since Pivot tables align the data in a way that large data are summarized into table format – an overview of the large data are displayed on the table, which users can see how are the trends of data, and what are the patterns of it. With this, users are able to forecast their future planning and/or trends, customers behavior and more. Other than that, users are also able to determine which factor contributes highest to Azure training.

Generate Accurate Data Quicker
Another benefit of Pivot table is that it can help users create or formulate reports in a very quick and reliable way with just a few click of a button, the data are consolidated in a table. In that sense, users would avoid doing data management manually that are very time consuming and inefficient. Users can also link the Pivot tables to a presentation slides when there are data to be presented. This makes the explanation more persuasive and audience less lost when you are presenting as there are solid evidence of numbers showed to Azure courses.

Learning basic Pivot table is good enough to help you in data management. However, if you’re looking to deep dive into the functions of Pivot Table, training and often usage of it would aid more towards your understanding and familiarization with the function. Here are some courses you could venture into, to fill your hunger for knowledge.