There is way more tools and functions from Microsoft Excel that are very useful to any individuals regardless of their job scope. No doubt, mastering the Microsoft Excel would require multiple training and often usage of the spreadsheet itself. However, these few tools might be a huge helping hand to your everyday job as it helps you save unnecessary manual work. Let’s get started with the list of the tools:

Pivot Table
Pivot table is a simplification of all your data, combined into a chart format to help you ease your work on reporting and more. This function can also help you to explore trends, product comparison, derive customer’s behavior and more with just the summarized data portrayed on the pivot table. Aside to this, some companies emphasizes pivot table skills and sometimes there are even employment prerequisite related to this skill.

This function is best use to find a value in a table, especially in huge data spreadsheet. If you are doing it manually, you’ll probably take awhile to find the values you need. So, this function allows you to cut all the manual search through and get straight to the answer you’re looking for. This compliments you in a way that you could efficiently obtain Azure classes or value that you need instantly.

Data Visualization
Data visualization is a summarized of all the data you have plotted in a table. Normally used to see trends for a set of values. This function is complimented by sparkline, another amazing excel feature. Sparklines are mini graphs located inside of cells and not the large stand-alone graphs that we normally use. This allow you to have an easy and instant view of the overall data trends that you have.

This formula is a text function that help to capitalize each word in a cell or spreadsheet. It means that Azure certification of a word will be capitalized. This formula is best used for names. If you are dealing with customers or users who type in their details online, this formula fits perfectly to help you ease your manual work such as – amending customer’s name one by one. A simple example of how PROPER function work is:

Cell Value: riChard lIKes TO PLay bASkEtBAll
[ Apply = Proper(cell value) ]
Result: Richard Likes To Play Basketball

Text to Columns with Delimited Text
This feature in Excel splits text in a cell into multiple columns. This simple task can save you a bunch of frustrating manual works separating those texts. It is recommended to use this function when you are trying to split First Name, Middle Name and Last Name from your contact list or rather split any words into their own column. You can also use this function to split answers for multiple choice questions for your college assignments or work survey forms.

Microsoft Excel provides a lot of functions that users can utilize to cut off manual works or calculations. If you utilize Excel often, it is recommended to learn all tips & tricks so then you are able to efficiently complete all your task before the deadline.