Different organizations around the world are considering valid changes in the strategies and methodologies and are working on agile practices instead of traditional waterfall methods. Still, the most common queries are the lack of development scale within agile practices. However, various agile frameworks can be used for every kind of enterprise projects depending on larger scales.

We have focused on some popular agile framework available for large scale enterprising projects known as Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). Here we are discussing the main configurations of the Scaled Agile Framework.

Configurations Of Scaled Agile Frame Work

The main features supported by the Scaled Agile Framework is the complete variety of environment needed for the development of any large-scale project. This is only made possible by different configurations allowing SAFe to support the area. There are four various configurations by the Scaled Agile Framework.

Essential SAFe

The first and the foremost configuration by Scaled Agile Framework is the Essential SAFe, which is generally located at the core of any framework. It is the most basic, usually the starting point for modern desktop training. It is the primary building block that has become standard for the other configurations. It has the purpose of defining the crucial elements necessary to utilize the majority advantages of the framework. It consists of two different levels of SAFe; the Program Level and Team Level.

Large Solution SAFe

Different types of configurations are required for developing the solutions requiring large scale systems and complex solutions. For the Scaled Agile Framework, these types of tasks that generally need different Agile Release Trains & suppliers are tackled by Large Solution SAFe. However, the only requirement extruded in the Large Solution SAFe is the portfolio-level solutions. This configuration is designed to be used in major industries, including defense, aerospace, automotive, etc. It has a Team level, Program level, and Large Solution Level within its base. It assists different enterprises facing primary challengers like multidisciplinary software and hardware, building large-scale, and complex IT systems.

Portfolio SAFe

The type of configuration assisting to regulate the execution of different portfolio as per the strategies is known to be the portfolio SAFe. It not only offers the basic structure for arranging the Lean-Agile Enterprise based on the value of flow but also supports the improvement and governance within it. The basic use of Lean-Agile budgeting is to empower the kanban system having the significant authority to allow the visibility of portfolios and WIP limits guiding the important decisions within modern desktop courses. The core of the Portfolio SAFe is Team level, Program level, and Portfolio Level.


The most detailed and developed framework versions consisting of all four of the SAFe levels is the Full SAFe. It supports the enterprise responsible for building and maintenance of the integrated solutions on a larger scale.

The structure and design of the Scaled Agile Framework are not much developed; however, it needs a broader view of knowledge for the team to prove the best practice to deliver successful software products.