As the world is full of positive and negative aspects of people, the Internet is also crowded with people who both use and misuse their skills. Similarly, there are people online who use their cybersecurity skills to spread hatred and fear, known as cybercriminals. Billions of dollars are being spent by different companies, governments, even individuals for cybercrime, annually. There has been a rising tide of these illegal activities on the Internet, as cybercriminals are getting powerful day by day.

In this article, we’ll discuss more the cybercrime, its types, and steps to prevent it!

What is cybercrime?

Before going deeper into the types of cybercrime, let’s learn what cybercrime is! The crime committed by using the means of digital media. It can either be on the Internet, local networks, or even other people’s computers. People who commit these types of crimes are known as hackers.


Cybercrime is categorized in terms of the organizations or people affected by it! It can either be against companies, a society, any individual, or the government.

Against individuals

The first category is the cybercrime that affects a particular person or his belongings. It includes email harassment cyberstalking and spreading illegal content.

Against companies

Cybercrime against organizations, when any confidential information is hacked, comes under another category. It is dangerous for the company itself, including its employees, sponsors, and Devops courses.

Against society

The third crucial type is the one that affects the community, including selling illegal products, forgery, gambling, etc.

Against government

The worst type of cybercrime is against the government, resulting in an investigation by federal security agencies and cybersecurity units. Examples are shutting down military websites, spreading fake propaganda against the government, and breaking into its networks.

Types of cybercrime

The list of cybersecurity threats can go on and on, but we’ll be reviewing some basic types of cybercrimes to give you an idea!

Identity theft

One of the worst scenarios is identity fraud, in which the criminal steals someone’s identity. It can either be your name, license, or any other information to either steal property or misuse the services using Devops training.

Online scams

The fraud in e-business is termed as cyber scams, which is done by a group of people who provide fake rewards, products, and services to unwitting victims.

Illegal content

Another type includes the spreading of unlawful content; basically, the content prohibited by the laws followed all over the world. Including abusive sexual content, selling drugs online, and copyrighted materials.

Steps for prevention against cybercrime

Now, we need to know some accessible actions taken to prevent cybercrime:

Keep your software updated

To prevent your device from being under the vicious claws of cybercrime, you have to keep your system software updated. To patch the latest bugs and destructive elements for your computers.

Use different/strong passwords

Another advice is to use different passwords for every social account, which includes a potent combination of letters, numbers, and characters.

Use antivirus and anti-malware software

One of the most important measures to prevent cybercrime is to use antivirus software for all of your devices, as it can easily detect any odd bug added to your device.