Liquidware Profileunity is a hierarchical method and standardized user environment management tool for the control of virtual and physical Windows desktops in the user environment. The Liquidware Profileunity, which can be used instead of Microsoft Roaming Profiles, manages different user experience elements, including user profiles, apps, security, and much more.

From software migration from one Windows to another to physical to virtual desktops, ProfileUnity can be used in many ways. In general, ProfileUnity supports the migration to Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenDesktop, Terminal Services, VMware View and Windows 7 environments of Windows user-profiles and Oracle 18g courses.


It was found in 2009 by software veterans and is now a leader in creating desktop virtualization technologies that support leading desktop platforms such as Citrix Virtual Desktops and Apps, Amazon WorkSpaces and RDSH desktops as well as cloud-hosted desktops on Amazon, Google, and Azure.

Liquidware is the world’s leading provider of flexible workspace management solutions for third-party Windows used by business organizations all around Oracle 18g database courses.


Profileunity V6.7.6 is breaking new ground with its Amazon S3, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure universal object based cloud storage. Liquidware is now the only organization that is capable of transferring a Microsoft Windows user profile into object-based cloud storage or multiple Cloud without the use of a SMB (Server Message Block)


Liquidware Profileunity is also a full-blown UEM (User Environment Manager), not only a profile solution. You can handle the following things with it:

  • Start Menu
  • Printer
  • Registries
  • Policies

So, if you are searching for a complete desktop for your clients, then you manage this desktop. Profileunity is great choice for this reason. Other uses of Profileunity are:

  • It provides secure policy management. It allows you to go beyond the policies of the Microsoft group and set contextual expectations for data management, mobile lockdown, and more.
  • Provides Vital Apps Rights Management with the User Restrictions and Privilege Elevation features included in Profileunity ensure granular protection and user control.
  • Profileunity’s Superior Profile Management technologies are unmatched from Windows Migrations to Outlook/Office 365 management.


  • User Authored Data Migration
  • Profile Portability
  • Office 365 Caching/Indexing
  • Profile Clean-up
  • Cached Mode
  • Elevation Rights Management
  • Context-Aware Filters
  • Triggers
  • Apps Rights Management — Apps Restrictions
  • Whitelist/Blacklist applications
  • Admin Defined Scripts
  • FlexApp Layering
  • Microsoft Active Directory Integration
  • Drive Mapping
  • Microsoft Active Directory Integration
  • Application Launcher
  • Environment Variables
  • INI Files
  • Internet Explorer
  • Folder Redirection
  • Office Options & File Locations
  • Inventory
  • Internet Proxy
  • Message Boxes
  • Registry
  • Printers
  • RDP Client
  • Outlook
  • Creates Web links.
  • Windows Option
  • Lockdown Desktops
  • Create shell shortcuts
  • Role-based Access & Auditing
  • VMware ThinApp and Microsoft App-V
  • Interactive Help

So experience the best of both worlds by integrating Portability Settings from Profileunity with FSLogix profiles.