You will need quite different project management skills and a wealth of knowledge. So what knowledge and project management skills do you take? Want to be an effective project manager with skills?

Cake can cut in many ways. The way in which it makes more sense to me to divide it into four big one’s Categories of knowledge and project management skills.

  1. The capacity of the project management process
  2. Skills in Behavioral and Interpersonal
  3. Personal traits desired

Let’s examine each one in detail Microsoft On Demand.

The project management Skills

In the project management process (sometimes called “difficult” Project management Education is a process that lasts a lifetime. If you’re like most project managers I know, you can wait to find many people who do not fully understand the best project management skills, such as the use of distance estimates and the need to use influence instead of authority to do things. It will be especially true in the organizations that are just starting to use formalized project management or has traditionally based on a functional management approach. Take the time to educate other projects and project management whenever there is a knowledge gap. This practice will end up benefiting you, as others will start to understand you better and the nature of your life as project management skills “) is the knowledge and skills related to the mechanics of project management skills you must be extremely informed.

On the tools, techniques, and technology of the project management processes and be able to apply them. For example, you should be known how to prepare the requirements of an integrated customer document, build a network diagram and build a job breakdown structure Without these project management skills; it will be challenging to coordinate and facilitate the creation of high-quality service. Also, since these project management skills are a basic expectation, you can expect to find issues of respect for your team members if You lack in this area.

Interpersonal and behavioral skills

Because project management is about doing things through other people, their skills in dealing with people come from immeasurable value Very linked to your interpersonal skills your behavioral skills: your behavior, style, and approach. Together, these two sets of skills are often called “Soft skills.” Here are some examples of transversal skills:

  • Team and individual leadership
  • Oral and written communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Negotiation
  • Influence
  • Delegate
  • Orientation and tutoring

For people who come to project management from a high technical level, the development of transversal skills can be particularly Azure DevOps.

Skills in Technology management

Most projects have one or more built-in technologies at the embedded technology refers to the process or technological areas in the heart of the project. Examples can include software the role of the project director development, chemical transformation or commercial construction. Your ability to guide and coordinate the application of these Technologies are fundamental to your success as a project manager. If you’re like Brad, you probably have enough knowledge and skills in the project’s primary embedded technology. However, it is likely that there are several technological areas associated with your project. Although they differ in focus, the process steps and related project management skills involved in managing your own the successful applicant will be similar.

Among these technology management skills are the following:

  • Competence in the leading (primary) technology of the project
  • Competition in the areas of technical support
  • Knowledge of the sector
  • Ability to prepare complete technical specifications
  • Design skills
  • Product knowledge to develop knowledge
  • Management of intellectual property
  • Knowledge of the patent.