In the present era, I.T policies and procedures are not trendy but rather a need for the consumer in an online marketplace. These policies are not only necessary for the online business sector but are a priority for those who want to advance socially in a legal manner. These policies usually based on the privacy of content. When a customer adheres to the policies set by the management on a social media network, he/she agrees to provide relevant information and access to his/her personal information.


Which social media networks are leveling and which not with IT policies?


There might be multiple social network sites that might be IT policy friendly or not at all. Of all the corporate social media policies, which ones might be balancing and which ones are draconian? That is to unfold here. A popular platform in the international world, CNN terminated an employee (a senior middle eastern editor) on not following their set guidelines regarding Social media. There are innumerable aspects to be highlighted when it comes to their I.T Policies.The workers who fail to comply with these rules might be deep waters. So, it might be pretty clear that their Agile Scrum is friendly or not.



Intel, being a brand ambassador does undoubtedly care for its employees and is I.T friendly. The system is highly agreeable. One of the retail giant ‘Walmart’ might seem very specific about its policies regarding Twitter. Its policy might be unfavorable for the employees but not for the customers.



Let’s talk about the most significant game changer on social media namely Facebook and the measures that it has taken for a friendly I.T policy. So it can be said that it has been intimidating since the beginning but the present day paints a gross picture of the substantial social hub.i.e:- Facebook has implemented policy changes that allow many companies to track their users and not to mention without the consent of the users which is why the U.S lawmakers are now interrogating the millionaire, Mark Zuckerberg.



Furthermore, Snapchat seems I.T policy friendly as it offers such a feature that enables the users to post intimate photos and make them disappear too. However, the electronic privacy information system duly demanded a full spec check whether Snapchat eliminates the collection of those photos and it was reported that the pictures might delete publicly but would be retained by the company and also showed availability of the personal information to the law agencies. It is quite evident that Azure DevOps how ugly some social media sites can be when it comes to the I.T policies.



Among the exceptional I.T policymakers, BBC might be the topnotch company which would be reliable and concise with its policies providing benefits to not only its employees but also the users. However, after these brief speculations on the social media sites and their I.T policies, one would fail to understand why these sites are getting a daily boost regarding their incomes holding the general audience as their captives!